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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Raw Milk: Public Enemy #1

by Karen De Coster, LRC Blog

Ban the unhealthy. Except who decides what is "unhealthy" for you, me, or anyone? Why, the government and its assorted cadre of experts who are source of truth for what is or isn't "healthy." Here's a scientist who is an editor for?RealClearScience in an?article he published for CNN:

Consuming a diet loaded with fat and salt is unhealthy, but the government has no business regulating that. Raw milk, however, is different. Unpasteurized milk has a greater chance of being contaminated with disease-causing bacteria than pasteurized milk.
If that's real clear science, then I am one unclear rube. I like how the classic, timeworn line "fat and salt are unhealthy" is squeezed in to launch the sentence and set the tone. No, consuming a diet of healthy animal fats is what is missing in the SAD (Standard American Diet). People are fat and sick on processed foods, carbohydrates, and liquid sugar, which they consume -- along with a flood of pharmaceuticals -- to replace the animal fats they are no longer eating.

That said, the author calls for a ban on raw milk, a wholesome, healthy product that has become public enemy #1. The title of his piece is, "The Other E. Coli threat? Raw milk." It amuses me to see just how much the megalomaniacs stomp and scream in their efforts to stamp out consumer choice and raw milk in the name of "science." As?Auberon Herbert stated, "By what right do men exercise power over each other?"?But, at least the author stops short of calling for a ban on fat and salt. In that case, the USDA would be raiding my basement and carrying out my stash of grass-fed/pastured meats and celtic sea salt as illicit goods.

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