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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Geneticists Reveal E. Coli Super Bug O104 Was Engineered

Click to expand conspiracy quotes from this video It’s classic problem reaction solution. They’re using it in every area, but especially in agriculture. Every time they want to pass more food regulations, they engineer another diaster and they create a fear campaign. And, there’s so many agendas they can then pursue with this fear. It’s not just to enable them to enact new food regulations and tyrannical legislation ans crack down on small farms, raid the Amish at gun point and things like that. It’s also the fact that they can retaliate against Spain. Remember because Spain stood up against the GMO agenda. Spain said we don’t want GMOs in our country, even as, and this came out of wikileaks by the way, even as the U.S. was working on a plan to force European nations to accept GMOs, this is now retaliation. In a matter of less than a week they have destroyed much of Spain’s agricultural economy, at least those involved in fresh vegetable farming. So this is an act of economic warfare, on that front, it’s an act of biological warfare against the innocent victims who are now being harmed by this bacteria strain which has clearly been bioengineered.

We’re watching a circus of fearmongering. They screamed cucumbers, and everybody stopped buying cucumbers. Then they screamed tomatoes, then they screamed lettuce–it’s like we’re watching a circus of health regulator lunatics who are running around destroying food industries, destroying the economics of farmers one by one. It’s like a Godzilla marching through the city stomping on farmers tents at the farmers markets. They’re just destroying this industry, with no credibility. And today Wall Street Journal broke this article, which we wrote about also, that said it’s not the sprouts. Just until this morning they were blaming the organic sprouts from Northern Germany.Well they ran tests on that and the tests all came up negative, so it’s not the sprouts, even though the media in the UK was printing reports from people based on this fear saying I’m never eating organic again. Well that’s the reaction they want you to have. Because they want you to be afraid of vegetables. They want you to be afraid of small farms. They want you to be afraid of fresh food, because then you’ll buy processed dead foods that keep you sick, and keep you a customer of the pharmaceutical industry.

There’s something called the genetic analysis of the E. coli strain. And genetic analysis is actually quite advanced from a technical point of view. You can determine what the strain was exposed to and its history to create the current strain. And when you look at this, and that was done by the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, their scientists broke down the genetics of this E. coli strain it’s call O104, and if you look at it you can read the history, and the history doesn’t lie. This strain was exposed repeatedly to all the 8 major classes of antibiotics that are sold by the drug companies today. This practically guarantees that this is going to cause acute kidney failure. It’s going to cause fatalities in the hospitals. In fact this particular strain was engineered with a couple of extra genes that give it even more power. It’s like a super powerful deadly superbug, and the fact is this could not be created randomly in nature with some kind of random mutation. Impossible. It had to have been engineered and then introduced into the food supply in some way.

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