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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pima County Attorney sides with SWAT in fatal raid

TUCSON (KGUN9-TV) - The Pima County Attorney's Office has cleared the SWAT team of any wrongdoing in their use of deadly force against Jose Guerena. The 26-year-old former Marine was shot and killed May 5 while Pima Co. Sheriff's SWAT was serving a search warrant on his home.

A report by the Attorney's Office sided with the SWAT team, saying when they opened fire on Jose Guerena, they weren't breaking the law. SWAT's attorney Mike Storie told KGUN9 News he wasn't worried about any criminal charges being filed.

"This is no surprise to me. I fully expected this, it's the correct result," Storie said.

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I am a law abiding citizen. I vote conservative every time I have that choice. I support our soldiers and police in almost all they do. This, however, is criminal and we need more controls on these Swat teams and those that command them. If you are a hammer then everybody looks like a nail to you. These men should never be used to serve warrants except in the most dire circumstances. If justice was really to be served these men would do hard time along with whoever authorized this travesty. I would also fire all those who exonerated these men. I am sick and tired of what are supposed to be public servants covering up for each other to the detriment of the citizens they should be protecting and serving. Something needs to be done quickly or you boys are going to lose the support of the people. I think you have already lost their trust.

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