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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Government Gets Direct Link To Your Mobile – Cannot Opt Out of President’s Text Alerts

Click to expand conspiracy quotes from this video The country that created EYEphones, has more than 300 million wireless users. And in the name of national security the U.S. Government will soon have a direct link to each and every hand held device.

Gathered at the scene of the September 11 terrorist attacks, federal and New York City officials joined the CEOs of the 4 largest wireless carriers, to announce the nations new tech tool. An alert system, enabling the president and government agencies to blast every American with text messages warning of terrorist threats, weather disasters, and kidnappings.

Now we have a system of mandatory and inescapable alerts through every cell phone in the land, in the event that the government decides something’s happening that we ought to know about. Now, just as the introduction of the Patriot Act came right after 9/11, so this new kind of technological invasion comes to us without any public discussion, right after the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. The use of fear for any kind of government that craves more control over peoples lives and thoughts, is that it makes people malleable; it makes them obedient. I mean you go to any airport today and you can see this in action, that people are meekly taking off their shoes, submitting to getting groped…

In December, the Department of Homeland Security began encouraging Americans to report suspicious activity to the country’s largest food retailer. Wal-Mart’s partnership with Washington has been accused of perpetrating a climate of panic, and subsequent need for more surveillance

Following the assassination of enemy #1, an American lawmaker called for increase in rail safety funding , and the creation of a no-ride list. As U.S. officials warn of more terror threats following Bin Laden’s death, many Americans remain concerned, while others are left wondering about the dangers of forsaking too much liberty for security.

Government Gets Direct Link To Your Mobile – Cannot Opt Out of President’s Text Alerts Related conspiracies: big brother, corporations, global surveillance

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