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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

90,000 secret US military documents leaked on web, documenting NATO war crimes in Afghanistan and other classified information

Wikileaks publishes 90000 documents on Afghan war

Is this fresh-faced U.S. soldier behind the biggest leak of military secrets of all time that puts our Afghan troops at risk?

The analyst has already been charged over a separate leak of a classified helicopter cockpit video earlier this month.

It showed U.S. soldiers laughing as they gunned down Afghan civilians and two journalists in a firefight in Baghdad in 2007. He was picked up in Iraq, where he was working.

Manning is said to be locked up in a military prison after being shipped across the border to Kuwait. He faces trial by court martial and, if found guilty, a heavy jail sentence.

Lamo believes Manning did not work alone, saying he did not have ?the technological expertise? to carry out the gathering and leaking of the documents.

'I believe somebody would have had to have been of assistance to him,? he said.

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