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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cop harasses citizen for open carrying, backs off due to videotape

Chris | InformationLiberation

This is a great video. A costume clad taxfeeder approaches an ex-vet who was open carrying an unloaded gun in Oceanside, California, and starts to harass him for exercising his rights. The cop asks if he's a marine to which the man says yes, the cop says he is a vet too and he's OK with him open carrying, but he's 'just doing his job.'

The cop then demands the man's ID to which the man refuses (he said he wasn't carrying any, but earlier he said his name was "Jeremy"). The cop says that's fine, but he needs his full name, which Jeremy then refuses to give. The cop says he knows the video is going up on YouTube, and says "that's fine" to the man refusing his name, but he still tries several times to get "Jeremy" to give him his last name. The cop fails because Jeremy holds his ground and consistently refuses. It's pretty clear the cop didn't want to be a YouTube star, because he drops demanding the guy's last name and 'pals around with him' before finally leaving him alone.

It's rather nice to see a government gang member having some small sense they may be held accountable for their actions, cheers to "Jeremy" for posting the great video.

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I don't see this as harrassment. The cop is doing his job. Without any sort of identification there is no validation that this guy really is a marine. ANYONE can say they are....especially those that are mentally unstable.

Bottom line....cop doing his job.

The headline for this video ?Cop harasses citizen for open carrying; backs off due to videotape" should be changed. We can only wish all cops were as good as this guy. The headline should be changed to "A Few Good Cops"... Cops like this should be praised, not condemned. Sorry, but I don't think cops should be praised for *not* killing random people. This cop's job is to harass innocent strangers. "Just doing his job" is predominantly "just harassing innocent people for non-crimes," as he did in this case.

Did he kill the man? No, he didn't. Did he tase the man? No, he didn't. Did he harass the man for his last name? Yes, he did. Did he treat him like a criminal for legally open carrying? Yes, he did. If the cop's job was to get his full name, he failed at doing his job because the guy didn't give it. The cop doesn't even know if his first name is Jeremy. If you think the cop's job was to ID the guy, he didn't do his job.

I'm not in the excuse making businesses and I'm not of the belief experiencing mild harassment from government goon-squads is "good enough."

The fact of the matter is the cop is multiple times more likely to kill someone than any random stranger open carrying. See: The cops are the ones who should be under extreme scrutiny, not random citizens.

I disagree with this headline. This officer Actually followed the law here. The Officer also clearly identified himself and gave his badge number. He also did not object to being recorded.

As long as the officer is protecting the community and not assaulting citizens, then he is doing his job.

More officers should use this as their model in protecting civil rights and protecting the community in which they serve.

Let's recognize when the police do something right and praise that behavior. Let's support officers who follow the law and actually do the job the citizens want them to do.

I am not a law enforcement officer. I hate criminals who wear badges and pretend to be peace officers. I do not work for the government (other than my indentured servitude of the tax farm). I hate tyranny and want this country returned back to the constitutional government it was originally intended to be.

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