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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Eyewitness Records Santa Ana Officer Shoot, Kill Unarmed Homeless Man Who Called Her 'Bitch'

SANTA ANA ( ? An eyewitness recorded cellphone video of a Santa Ana police officer shoot and kill an unarmed 22-year-old homeless man at a shopping center earlier this week.

The witness, who wished to remain unidentified, was standing in the parking lot of the Harbor Place Shopping Center on South Harbor Boulevard around 3 p.m. Tuesday when he said he filmed a confrontation in front of Jugo?s La Tropicana between an officer, later identified as a 13-year veteran, and victim Hans Kevin Arellano.

?She exited her patrol car, gun drawn, and asked the gentlemen to get on the ground. The gentlemen didn?t get on the ground, he was still inside the restaurant. She asked again. The man then exited the restaurant, and as he was exiting the restaurant, he said, ?What are you gonna do, b?-?? About a second later, she shot him in the chest,? he said.

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Why do we allow these dangerous, egotistical criminals to infest our lives? Disband this gang of theives, murderers, rapists, and bullies. Illegal activity? Really?
Okey, sure.
Just kill the man.
Cause he called her a bitch.
What a ... this country needs a civil war in response to atrocities committed by law enforcement yet people revere and fear law enforcement law they are gods among us. If citizens started striking back at cops like you can on grand theft auto video games maybe they would stop being so brazen. Code 10-00 is the law thing cops fear and respect. most cops just have a level II vest, and unarmored car yet people revere them and fear them like their gods or something. Look how easy cops go down on a game like PayDay or GTA.

They don't respect you, your civil rights or your human rights. If police unlawfully attack you, you have the right to defend yourself and return fire yet no one ever does. In the military dictatorship of california, people need to start defending themselves yet they dont. this cop who murdered this homeless in a better world would become a code 10-00 because the people would not put up with such crimes against humanity.

As pacifist and afraid of law enforcement people are today, the american revolutionary war could never have happened because people would be so afraid of King George's troops/cops/peace officers that everyone would have bowed the knee in fear and ones who signed the decleration of independence would just been hung and this country would not be independent. Though as tyrannical as california police act today, one no longer say they have rights or live under a government they respects freedom or the bill of rights.

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