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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Syracuse Police Taser a Disabled Man for Standing on a Bus

SYRACUSE, NY -- Police used a taser to electric shock a disabled man because he was standing on a bus, as he always does. The man prefers standing because of his spinal injuries, which make it uncomfortable for him to sit.

Brad Hulett says he did not want to lose the price of his bus fair, but he also couldn't comply with the request to sit. He says that standing is common on the buses and happens every day. He does it every day. However this day he believes he was singled out because of the way he looks. Hulett suffers extensive disabilities stemming from injuries caused by being struck by a train years ago. He also had open heart surgery recently and feared that police tasers would harm his heart. He is suing because of excessive use of force.

SOURCE: Syracuse (WSYR-TV)

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Until the officers can be sued for their actions, they will continue to have a God complex. Police academies should also be sued for creating public dictators instead of public servants. Suing the City is suing the taxpayer.That only helps our leaders bankrupt the nation. @EndtheFed&IMF, I like your style, but, I disagree with the former, of your 2 notions.
Police do protect the "God's complex," (self-proclaimed "gods" system) but, suing them, would only create a greater antithesis. Police are bound by a blood oath, hence - "Oath Keepers;" the reason they must enforce the dictatorship's rule-of-law, (aka: absolute nonsense). "Their lives outweigh public scrutiny," in other words...

As for: "Suing the City is suing the taxpayer. That only helps our [mis]leaders bankrupt the nation.".... Police work for the state, and, they are employed to do the state's bidding. presently, the objective for the dictatorship is, "bankrupting the nation." That doesn't suggest the police should be sued, it merely suggests that they are cowards.

The government looks at the common people of this land the same way it views dogs. They tell you to sit, stand, lie down, beg and roll over. If you're a slow learner or ask why they label you as non-compliant or resisting. The Pavlovian response of a well trained officer to such stimuli is initiate beat down, pepper spray, electrocution, or as in the case of our four legged friends, straight to street judge type execution. Main point. There are douche bag bus drivers and cops.
There is no ending to these kind of stories.
Next time they will shoot him cause they think he might be a terrorist for standing.
It's ridiculous.
Fuck Big brother and The Elite.
And everyone between. @h1976, I think both, dogs and people, should be free. I won't be learning fast-like, nor, will I be complying, but, I have always considered our four-legged-friends' well beings, when I think toward the future; (which is, more than can be said for the government.) What big, tough men! They showed Brad who's boss! Here's what their testimony will be at trial: "Based on my training and experience and for officer safety, it was necessary to utilize nonlethal force to subdue an aggressive and combative citizen who appeared highly intoxicated, was a threat to public safety, and refused to comply with lawful orders."

Translation: "The retard was getting mouthy so I shut his ass up! You should gave seen him flopping around and heard his little retard screams! Priceless!"

I feel so much safer knowing such big, tough men are protecting me and the American way of life!

@L.S. I'm looking forward to the day when people treat each other the way they want to be treated. Too many of these cops are out of control. I guess brutality and unquestioning obedience are preferred in law enforcement above compassion, empathy and amicable problem solving.
It would be such a crummy way to live, putting on the uniform with the belt and all the attached instruments of compliance and torture, planning on using them on for example; a handicapped man for not sitting down or shooting a couple of dogs hiding under the bed. I wonder how some of those guys sleep at night. @h1976, I truly do understand what you're saying, but, it's not the cops who are "out of control."

"problem solving." -h1976
A really smart-ass Brit. asked this of me once: "you are having a problem, so, why is it a problem?" He then, proceeded to call: "checkmate;" forcing me to... Well, I had apologized in advance, though, I haven't seen him in awhile. But, his comment, (a blatant ripoff), did remind me, of where my current place in time is; knowing, Absolutely, without a doubt, as follows...

"Laws" are enforced, regardless, of statutory law(-run-amuck), and, problems couldn't exist, unless, a solution was there prior to the problem.

I'd prefer, for both, people, and, cops, to exercise "freewill." However, I do understand that my own ideal isn't for everyone; the reason I haven't "brought down the house," so to speak.

I had a friend once. He was something else, perhaps, an "exception," in "philosophical-terms," but, he refused to see that "exceptions" don't apply to "real-life," as simply as, "real-life" applied to him. His philosophy was: "slap people into REAL 'reality,'" whereas mine is: "if you're sick of being slapped by fake-believe - this is reality; if neither agree with your mind-set - spirituality is up to you."

As for, "sleeping at night".... You'll note that Chris is still writing for "Info. Lib." In other words: "I respect the individual's choice."

Regards, Harry / Henry? (forgive my lack of tact - I can't recall your screen-name)

@dam 71163, I hate arrogant people, don't you? If I were reading the Bible script, perhaps, Matthew 12:42, I might start questioning... Who was the queen of the south, and why, is it, that she was she so humble, that her name wasn't capitalized in the kjv?

Your voice is deep, you smile a lot, you're insecure about your height, you're not as thin as you'd like to be, something... about your clothes - they're not suited to your ideal?
please, don't make me "bring you down to size." I'm autonomous, though, I CAN, "play-the-game" blindly. h1976, has your best interest at heart. Maybe, you should e-mail / talk w/ him, before taking on an "L. Silver."

@h1976, dogs are needy, that annoys me. Perhaps, you should throw 14/14 a bone...

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