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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syrians Scramble to Hide From Obama's Humanitarian Love Bombs

?Every neighborhood has some government target. Where do we hide??
Paul Joseph Watson

Despite the US and Britain justifying an imminent attack on Syria in the name of ?protecting civilians,? Syrians themselves are scrambling to hide from Obama?s humanitarian love bombs, with one Damascus resident telling Reuters, ?We live in the capital. Every turn, every street, every neighborhood has some government target. Where do we hide??

Although a torrent of criticism has forced both Washington and London to move towards some kind of symbolic gesture involving the United Nations, a senior US official told?NBC News?today ?we?re past the point of return? and that US air strikes against Syrian targets would inevitably occur ?within days.?

That leaves thousands of Syrians living in major cities already ravaged by nearly two years of civil war and western-backed Al-Qaeda terrorist attacks looking up to the skies in anticipation of a fresh delivery of cruise missiles ? all in the name of ?protecting civilians? of course.

As?Reuters reports, ?dozens of military sites are mixed in among the civilian population,? meaning that western attacks will almost inevitably mean more loss of life, not to mention the wider?threat of a new war in the Middle East.

Syrians have now begun hoarding supplies, including water, batteries, and food, with ?the fear in people?s eyes? all too visible, while banks have been inundated with customers attempting to withdraw all their money.

People are fleeing in an effort to rent houses away from military sites, but many cannot afford skyrocketing prices in safer areas.

?What about my friend?? asked a woman whose family was lucky enough to be lent a house in a safe area. ?Her whole family lives in this neighborhood. There is no place for them to go.?

With Syria about to become the 7th country to be on the receiving end of the Peace Prize winner?s humanitarian lovefest, let us not forget the fantastic success that this policy of taking a complex political problem and bombing it had in Libya.

Just as it did in Libya, the US is about to become??Al-Qaeda?s air force,??paving the way for extremist jihadists to seize power and turn Syria into their personal thug-rule thiefdom.

Two years after Obama?s love bombs rained down in Tripoli,?Libya is now plagued by violence and chaos, has seen its economy collapse, is controlled by?brutal tribes who imprison and torture?their alleged political adversaries, and has become ?the main base for Al-Qaeda in the Maghreb.?

Now it?s Syria?s turn to experience what happens to countries who dare assert their sovereignty by attempting to fight back against an invasion of NATO and Gulf state-supplied terrorists.

Those Syrians who do manage to hide from Obama and Cameron?s humanitarian love bombs may escape death but the future of their country might not be much worth living for.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for? He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News. Facebook @? FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @?

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And like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, our Government invents another lie to put our military at risk in a war that we have nothing to do with, except that we initiated their conflict. 9/11, government conspiracy, Boston bombing, government conspiracy, murder of Michael Hastings, government assassination, Benghazi cover-up, data processing center invading your Constitution, and I can keep going, but is anyone getting the point yet? if your point is: "government lies," then, I'm pretty sure you've made that point.
perhaps, you should audit the Declaration of Independence, along with America's Constitution - those lies are hiding plain-sight.

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