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Friday, September 20, 2013

Boston Cop Shoves Videographer, Then Threatens to Arrest Him for "Battery On A Police Officer"

Chris | InformationLiberation

Being assaulted by a police officer is grounds for being charged with battery on a police officer, at least according to this Boston police "Sargent" caught on video intimidating and threatening a man for videotaping.

From Carlos Miller:

A hefty plainclothes sergeant from the Boston Police Department figured the best way to not be exposed on camera was to physically confront a videographer, shoving him with his belly and pushing him back while threatening to arrest him for felony assault on an officer.

This, of course, is another common practice used by police, ranking right up there with ordering a non-resistant suspect to ?stop resisting? while physically pummeling him.

?You touch me again and I will lock you up for assault and battery on a police officer,? the burly sergeant told the burping videographer.

The sergeant and another plainclothes cop who identified himself as Fabiano told Jay Kelly that he needed to move out of the area because there was a police investigation.

Meanwhile, a shirtless jogger trots right through their investigation while numerous cars also drive through in opposite directions in two lanes.

The level of criminality one has to be comfortable with to boldly threaten to falsely charge someone with a crime while simultaneously committing a crime is almost incomprehensible, yet the cop clearly thinks nothing of it, knowing full well he is being videotaped.

Does anyone out there actually think this man was "served" by these police officers?

Would anyone out there voluntarily pay these men to protect them?

This is the problem with the compulsory monopoly that is the state, there is absolutely no accountability because there is no one to "watch the watchers." When the man asks to speak to the cop's supervisor, he says, "I am the supervisor." While the bald faced liar's word is completely worthless, we'll will know what his "supervisor" and his supervisor's supervisor thinks based on whether or not the cop is fired and charged with intimidation.
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Sargent: "What, you can't see my badge?"
he couldn't even see his badge. he barely found it under his tax-fed belly.

"Would anyone out there voluntarily pay these men to protect them?" -Chris

if takes only money, then, i'd prefer to pay police to sit on their asses at home.

videographer did a pretty good job.

the fat prick fabiano in the purple shirt has no right to invade your personal space, i teach this on day one of self-defense - don't even let a person get within your personal space if they're being aggressive because it allows you to be in too much danger, BARK orders at them to back the fuck off you will defend while placing hand on your weapon or if unarmed getting ready to strike or takedown.

fat prick in the purple - if me you'd have been SHOT, you aggressed on a peaceful person WHILE WEARING A GUN - NOT HAPPENING WITH ME PRICK, you'd be dead. ENFORCE THE ACTUAL LAW, YOU'RE NOT JUDGE DREDD.

@18443, actually, "actual law" would be physics and thermodynamics. you're a Christian, so, in your world, "actual law" is only 2 commandments + eight ways to create a serene life.

"statutory law," is not "actual." I can write-up a bunch of rules, trick people into believing in those rules, though, only your belief in them, can make them "actual."

for what reason, would the officer in the purple shirt, have to shoot you? you seem a bit off balance, like you're living the scenario in the video, on a daily basis... i don't like cops - would never be one, but, i wouldn't run about threatening an undercover. what if you threatened someone, who you thought was an undercover cop, but, they turned out not to be? "actual law" just might adhere, and, not to your benefit

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