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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Canadian Woman Threatens To Film Out Of Control Cop, Cop Beats Her In "Sexual Assault" & Charges Her For Resisting

Chris | InformationLiberation

A Canadian dental surgeon says an out of control cop beat her on the side of the road, slammed her face into the pavement after she was handcuffed, and committed a "sexual assault" by repeatedly hitting her breasts while she was restrained -- all because he was infuriated she threatened to record him with her cell phone. reports:

EDMONTON ? A Camrose woman says she was left battered and bruised on Saturday following a traffic stop she will never forget.

Dr. Simona Tibu was on her way to see patients in Edmonton that morning, when she was pulled over by an Alberta sheriff for speeding.

Tibu claims the sheriff violently hit her window. When she opened it, he asked her to hand over her drivers license and insurance information.

?I advised him I would do so if he stopped hitting my car.?

Tibu also told him that if he didn?t, she would record him on her phone.

?At that moment, he became very violent. He took his hands through my window, hit my right hand, where I have bruises on it, smashed my cell phone out of my hands, and told me? ?Get out of your car now.??

She listened to the sheriff, who handcuffed her. With her arms behind her back, Tibu says the sheriff then began hitting her breasts.

Fearing for her life, she began to scream, hoping someone would hear her and help.

Tibu says that only made the sheriff even more aggressive. She claims he pressed his knees into hers until they were bruised, and pushed his pelvis into her back.

?I felt a hit in my head then he smashed my head on the pavement on the road until I was full of blood. Then he told me, ?Now I?m going to walk all over you.??

She remembers seeing a man show up, and eventually an RCMP officer and ambulance arrived at the scene.

Tibu was taken to hospital. She suffered bruises all over her body, including her breasts.

After speaking with an RCMP officer, she was shocked to learn she was being charged with resisting arrest, but the sheriff involved in the alleged incident wasn?t facing any charges.

?I am going to make justice happen,? she says. ?No individual should be handcuffed and be beaten by the police. No women should be handcuffed by the police and be sexually assaulted.?

According to this post on West Coast Native News Dr. Tibu filed for and received a restraining order against one "Sherrif Behills."

It appears the police have still yet to respond.
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OMG, I can't believe this happened not far from where I live. How are we to respect the police if they do not respect us. Is there some kind of petition we can sign to have this sheriff lose his job. Alberta should never have decided to get sheriffs. And now that Canada may be allowing US cops to work on our streets???? How many more men and women will get beat up? Theses pigs are out of control. she's so beautiful! now she'll have a scar on her beautiful face you fucking faggot! From now on, if your wife or children are stopped by the cops tell them to call you and keep their windows closed until you arrive and gather up friends and family and provide an ARMED escort home. if a first cop who stops you is overly aggressive you should say back off while i call a legitimate cop, i don't know you, i don't trust you, you are violating your own laws you piece of shit, do not attack me or i will defend myself.

obviously the first cop will get furious you resist his tyranny, and will attack,

that's when you shoot the flying fuck out of him, don't stop firing until he stops moving.

afraid of jailtime? afraid of death? then don't tell me you're a Christian, God hates liars.

atheists, agnostics, etc., go ahead and bend over, your years on earth are all you had anyway.

kill, evil, now.

This reminds me of an old headline from several years ago: More beat cops for Edmonton. Now we know why they are called beat cops, ha ha. You do not tell cops you will comply with them 'on condition X'. No, it doesn't work that way.

Is it possible that this officer used excessive force? Yes. Do I believe it? I don't know, maybe if this woman wasn't being defensive and essentially baiting the cop from the get-go I would be more apt to believe her, but right now it sounds like she was being unnecessarily non-compliant, the officer pulled her out, she resisted, and she was forcefully arrested. You don't play fucking mind games with officers - how is he to know she was grabbing a phone and not a gun? Being a woman doesn't mean you get soft baby treatment when being defiant. If you resist arrest, you get your ass shoved to the ground and cuffed.

If the rest of her story *is* true, that's one thing, but I have a feeling there is a lot of exaggeration and compensatory finger pointing going on here.

to anon 24215 - you can actually look at those pictures, and know that it is a female and a male cop involved, and say what you said?

all i can say is good luck when you meet God, you're in for a rude awakening.

as for "you can't do this to cop", again you're sinning against God by placing a human - ANY human - before God. you don't have to believe in God, i couldn't care less about you, but you've been warned. good luck with that.

@ 24215
if you were a cop and you just handcuffed a woman, hence she's laying on the ground because your small dick dictated you to put her there and you keep beating the poor woman do you think you just earn a medal? no my friend you just became the lowest scumbag on earth. in the police business there's no place for ego, because you're armed and in cases like this the opponent is defenceless and there's no place for rage like this in the police force or anywhere else for that matter.
it's true, neither of us knows what happened exactly but unfortunately that's why it's called "police brutality" and it happens like it or not.
i really hope that if this was such a case that piece of shit get's jail time. at least that's justice

learn more about police brutality:

Absolute disgrace. That us tax payers are paying for such stupid egotistical law enforcement such as him . Wow , a big Harry ass galoot like him saying he was assaulted by a tiny woman like her absolutely appalling . And then to hand cuff her and then beat her like he did . That so sick and you wonder why people in society are loseing respect towards law inforcement , it's because there's stupid psychologist doing the screenings and approving these morons . So last but not least I'd love to meet this arsehole that beat that lady , I'd give him a taste of his own medicine . He should be put in jail for what he did . And then the wolves can take care of him and jail . You insecure control FREEK . Lol. And ya wonder why cops like him are getting there lives taken , what a joke , who in the hell wants to respect an inforcer like him ? If I ever had a chance to meet him I'd honestly pound his face in

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