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Friday, September 6, 2013

Deputies Climb Through Window Into Couple's Home Without A Warrant, Hold Them At Gunpoint & Shoot Their Two Dogs

Chris | InformationLiberation

A Warrington, Florida couple was asleep in their bed when a group of Escambia County sheriff's deputies climbed into their home without a warrant, held them at gunpoint, cursed at them, threw a woman to the ground, cuffed them, then entered their bedroom and proceeded to shoot their two dogs, hurting one so badly he had to be euthanized and injuring the other with a bullet to his leg, the Pensacola News Journal reports.

Deputies justified the home invasion of Cristina Moses, 32, and her fiance, Travis Nicholas, 22, by saying they were looking for a suspect who they believed may have entered the home and they wanted "to assure the safety of the occupants.?

In fact, the occupants' safety was threatened only by the deputies, one of their dogs is now dead and their house covered in blood. Ironically, their dog is now dead because the officers were seeking to assure their own safety, not that of the occupants, because "officer safety" is always paramount.

After entering their home through their window, the couple says the deputies held them at gunpoint, Cristina was thrown to the ground while being cursed at, they were both placed in handcuffs, and the cops held them down by placing their boots on their back and arms. One deputy, who they identified as Deputy Mikel Anthony Lee, then allegedly went into their bedroom and shot two of their dogs.

The deputies' statement says, "One dog bit at one of the deputy?s leg. He pushed the dog away, but it came at him again so he shot the dog in self-defense, at which time the second dog began to run towards him. For his personal safety, he shot the second dog.?

As the Pensacola News Journal notes, their statement stops short of saying the dog actually bit the officer, meaning there is no actual evidence of the dogs' alleged aggression.

The couple contradicts their claims and says the deputy entered their bedroom and shot their dogs from the "opposite side" of the room. Video of the crime scene shows the edge of the couple's bed full of bullet holes, this is consistent with their story the officer tried to shoot the dogs from a distance and the dogs were trying to use the bed as "shelter" from the bullets.

After deputies placed Cristina in a patrol car for more than an hour because she "wouldn't shut up" and stop asking what happened to her dogs, she and Travis were eventually let go without charges.

"Gracie" the one year-old pit bull ultimately had to be euthanized due to being riddled with bullets. Cristina wells up in tears recounting the tragic incident and she says she feels "like my child has died."

The Escambia County sheriff's deputies meanwhile are stonewalling, they say they won't talk or release any further details until they're done with their "investigation" of themselves. The deputies involved were placed on paid leave.
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This is why we need to start killing them dead when they break the law. fucking monsters Question: What do terrorists, home invaders and Escambia County deputies have in common?
Answer: They use the same toothbrush in the morning.
when was the last time you heard of a cop comming in through a window instead of breaking down the door? there is something else going on here. there is always something else going on when cops are involved.problem is most of the time it is the cops imagination gone wacko and the citizens pay the price every way you can think of.205213 good point,one way or the other. I don't suppose it occurred to Sherlock Holmes or any of the rest of these deputies that the room with the pit bulls in it probably didn't contain an intruder! They were obviously up to something else. I suspect they were going to burglarize the place and didn't realize anyone was home. That's why they were angry and cursing the occupants, because the homeowner presence spoiled their action and reduced their take for the night. If the sheriff department brass don't take these idiots badges away, it means they're in on it... Whenever I hear a cop has been shot, situations like this is why I feel it was probably justified. The couple should sue the department for around 20 million in damages, and if allowed under Florida law, sue the dickhead deputies personally for their entire net worth. Scumbags who abuse their positions of authority are no better than Nazi Stormtroopers, and should be regarded as such. The answer is vigilante justice. Interpret from this your own definitions and actionable solutions, but it's all that is left when LE "professionals" shoot, beat, and murder people, kill their pets for sport, kidnap and then abuse their children, and destroy their property with impunity. The War on the US Citizen, waged by not only these local thug "police" / gangster organizations but also a parasitic and criminal federal government at large, leading by "shining" example--via extortion, their possession of a monopoly on violence, fear-mongering, and the terrorist tactics they employ--and fully funded by us (the victims), has been underway for some time. When will we respond in some constructive manner? The not-in-my-backyard zeitgeist / philosophy of today (and the abhorrent detachment and apathy it excuses in too many of our minds) simply won't do. Protests have failed. Lawsuits have likewise failed to affect wack LE policy and the seemingly acceptable criminal behavior by officeholders. Elections / a belief in the myth of the two party system (AKA: the illusion of choice) have failed, too. Our "representatives" in government mock and patronize us from on high, appealing only to our differences in an obvious effort to divide us as a People. What's left? What sort of a "society" do we wish to have here? Anybody see the worldwide trend toward fascism speeding up all over again? WTF? What will we leave behind for our children if we do nothing? Did we have children just to drop them in an experimental Hell we allowed to develop right under our noses? What is the statute of limitations on using ignorance as an excuse for failure? Still worse, denial? And now what: fear? No, it just won't do. america is now mexico.

you'd better stand up for your damn selves, i am increasingly convinced that TWO different types of sins keep occurring in america:

1 - violent aggressors violating God's laws

2 - victims sinning by taking it.
they do this understandably out of fear of their earthly lives - but as a Christian you will have to be willing to give up your life to do what is right. until you do, this will continue and will increase.

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