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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Extended Video Shows Aftermath of Tamir Rice Shooting; Cops Gave No Aid, Restrained Sister

"This has to be the cruelest thing I've ever seen," says Rice family lawyer

Reporters for obtained extended footage of the killing of Tamir Rice. The full video demonstrates police officers' callous indifference to the boy they had wrongly shot. The two cops allowed him to bleed for several minutes; the first person to administer aid to Rice was actually an FBI agent who happened upon the scene while the officers stood around doing nothing.

Well, that's not quite right. They did something--they intercepted Tamir's sister as she ran to help him, knocked her on the ground, wrestled with her, held her down, handcuffed her, and placed her in the squad car a mere 10 feet away from her mortally wounded brother. And it was there that she waited, according to

Cleveland police were responding to an emergency call claiming that Rice had a gun, although the caller made clear that the gun was very possibly a fake replica weapon. Police officials have insisted that the responding officers were unaware of that suspicion, however. Regardless, they shot him within moments of arriving on the scene.

Timothy Loehmann, the officer who killed Rice, had a record of mental instability and was previous forced to resign from a different police force for his "dismal" gun performance.

After shooting Rice, the officers failed to administer first aid for the subsequent four minutes. Eventually, an FBI agent administered aid. Paramedics arrived around minute eight.

Walter Madison, an attorney representing the Rice family, said of the video: "This has to be the cruelest thing I've ever seen."

Watch the video courtesy of
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> Well, that's not quite right. They did something--they intercepted Tamir's sister a

I'm sure they did something else as well: called their union for instructions on what to lie. Which is why it was also so important not to allow anyone to see the victim before those instructions arrived.

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