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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cop Fired After Driving Away From Fatal Shooting, Neglecting Duties to Spend Time With Her Cop Boyfriend

Chris | InformationLiberation

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - San Antonio Police officer Serena Botello has been fired and her appeal rejected after an investigation showed she went derelict on her duties 23 times in two months, often to spend time with a fellow SAPD officer who appears to be her live-in boyfriend.

In one case last March, rather than respond to a 911 call to help a 35-year-old man who shot himself in the head, Botello drove away despite being under a mile away and the closest officer to the scene.

Family members of the man said he died at the hospital hours later. Questions over how the case was handled lead SAPD to conduct an investigation into Botello's actions. After looking at GPS records from her vehicle, they determined she had spent over 36 hours from March 21 to May 15 "neglecting her duties."

Investigators found Botello spent some of this time with another SAPD officer, whom they later determined she was living with.

Botello's termination papers noted she violated SAPD's regulations concerning ?relationships with co-workers,? ?alertness required of members,? and ?on-duty activities.?

Botello had been issued two separate suspensions in December 2012, one for 20 days, and another for 30 days. KENS 5 reports a source familiar with her service records said at least one of those suspensions was for "failure to respond," yet she wasn't fired at the time and was allowed to keep her job.

Watch a video report on the case courtesy of KENS 5:

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I don't remember December. 2012 being fifty days long..... Thanks, she was issued two separate suspensions, I reworded it to be more clear! In Other News: "Hiring Less Qualified Applicants Because of Gender Causes People To Die" Ya know somethin, I've been a regular to this EXCELLENT website for a good while now & as a "foreigner" looking in, I feel sooo disheartened by the general (citizens) response to the stories I've read here. I'm not talking about the other "regulars", I mean the vast majority of american citizens who see NO problem with the way their country is being run & have no issue with their foreign policy stance. The United States Of America used to stand for something across the world, something good, something people aspired to, something people looked up to, a true democracy. America has been hijacked, not by ISIS or some other bogeyman, but by the very people entrusted to "protect & serve" the population, the politicians. I have decided NOT to contribute to the comments anymore, no-one is listening, no-one cares, I wish the very best for you, but I've seen enough to be pessimistic as to the outcome....
my prayers are with you & for you, in all denominations, please.... make a difference, for all our sakes. Hey irishpete, thanks so much for your kind words and for all your posts, I really enjoy reading them and personally I appreciate you sharing so much. I share your frustrations but I think you may not realize how much your comments contribute to the site, honestly without readers and commenters like you the site is nothing! I hope you'll reconsider!

Also, people are listening, just comment participation is low, maybe becuase we don't have the best comment system, I'm considering switching to disqus for example, but also if you check out this article on reddit you'll see there's a lot of comments and a lot of people who agree with you!

All my best to you irishpete! why didn't he get fired too??? Just another P.O.S. in uniform.

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