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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Video Shows Cop Assaulted Fox News Anchor, Lied About Arrest

Chris | InformationLiberation

Video obtained through a FOIA request shows an officer lied when he claimed Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett postured like he was going to "launch himself" at him and repeatedly yelled "f*ck you" at him to justify his violent arrest of the TV host on May 21st.

Here's what the cop wrote in his report as reported by Gawker:

While [medical personnel] began to evaluate Jarrett, he looked at me in the doorway and stated, ?This is all of your fault.? I asked what was, and Jarrett responded, ?This is your fault.? I told Jarrett that this was his fault he was where he was. Jarrett then became visibly agitated (angry, upset), his body became rigid and he leaned forward like he was going to jump up on his feet or launch himself off of the bench, and yelled ?Fuck You? and stated ?Fuck You? again. Jarrett stayed at an agitated level and in the posture like he was going to jump up at any moment.
The officer goes on to allege that Jarrett ?grabbed my left arm and I broke his grip? before he slammed the anchor into the wall and threw him onto the floor. Due to the camera?s angle, it?s unclear whether Jarrett actually grabbed the officer?s arm. It?s certainly not true, in any case, that Jarrett twice yelled ?fuck you.?
It's clear from the video Jarret didn't do anything to justify the cop's outrageously violent outburst. If he laid his hand on him it was at most the gentlest of taps, as you can see from the video when the cop yanks his arm he's putting up zero resistance as the cop throws him around like a rag doll.

Let this be a lesson to the state's loyal servants: no one is safe in a police state.

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Here's a comment posted elsewhere about this incident by a cop: "For what it's worth, I'm very tenured in law enforcement. The helmeted
officer "baited" the guy into standing up, moved into the guy, and then
wants to claim the guy touched him."

Interestingly, the charge is for "obstructing legal process", rather than for being intoxicated in public (which probably means that Jarrett was not drunk to begin with) or for assault on officer.. I really wonder how obstruction would apply.

unlike cops,(most cops hide behind each other and most news covers for the cops) most news is using yellow journalism againest their own. read some of the different news stories and see for yourself . believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.

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