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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

California Cops Allow Suspect to Escape while Harassing Videographer

By Carlos Miller

Police in California allowed a suspect to escape after they decided to harass a man for taking a picture of the arrest.

Naturally, the Glendale police officers ended up blaming the photographer for causing the escape, handcuffing and detaining him, accusing him of knowing the escaped suspect because they had made eye contact moments earlier.

But the fault lies completely with the cops, who allowed their arrogance, insecurities and complete disregard for the Constitution to let the suspect escape in a classic Keystone Cop moment quickly going viral on Live Leak.

Perhaps if officer Bolton (first name possibly Matt) didn?t feel the need to abandon his investigation to walk halfway down the block to blind the videographer with his flashlight, ironically accusing him of acting juvenile for taking a photo of the arrest ?(while never mentioning the alleged eye contact at the time), the suspect would have thought twice about making a run for it.

Now the question is, was the suspect they allowed to escape a violent felon, potentially putting the community at risk, or just another hapless drunk unexpectedly finding himself at a DUI checkpoint?

Glendale police have made no mention of the escape on its Facebook page?as we can imagine this is an incident they will like to forget. But that is unlikely to happen.

This is how patrickb121793 described it on Live Leak:

Video 1 (posted above)

Glendale Police are at it again. At about 1030 at night i was riding my bike and rode past a dui and license checkpoint. I decide to stop and take a photo of the checkpoint. Not wanting to go through the checkpoint, I continued walking past it. As I started to get back on my bike I noticed the Glendale Police had someone detained on the curb. I walked passed the ?investigation? and after about 30 feet of clearance, since I already had my phone out, I turned around to take a quick photo (no flash). In the process of me taking a photo I noticed one of the officers coming towards me so i switched to video(no flash) and slowly walked away.

Officer BOLTON asked me can i help you?, I gave no answer because I was already walking away, and I obviously didn?t need any help. He then told me I was interrupting his investigation, and i needed to go about 1/4 of a mile away in order for him to not be distracted, or I was going to be arrested for not complying. I started walking away, he acknowledged that, turned around and started walking back to his his partner (whom HE abandoned). As he was walking back their suspect took off, because of his stupidity and ignorance.

Video 2 (posted below)

After going to the corner, I continued to film everything that was taking place. I was here for about 10 minutes when I noticed one of the officers that had the guy detained walk up to me. I stayed where I was doing nothing wrong. He then came up to me and told me to ?sit on the curb you are being detained?;, me being a free citizen who had done nothing wrong I told him ?no i had done nothing wrong.?

He then started getting physical and told me to put my arms behind my back, I asked what crime did i commit, and he told me ;I am under investigation I said for what, he then replied and said well that?s what we?re are trying to figure out. Last time I checked you are innocent until proven guilty, but in this case I was guilty until proven innocent. After resisting being detained he eventually got handcuffs on me. I was still standing and he had told me to sit on the curb, Angered by this whole situation I did not sit when he told me. So with all his body weight, he pulled me by the chain of the handcuffs to the ground where I then hit my head and fell right on the cuffs which caused them to squeeze my wrist.

Still confused about why I was being treated like this, they sat me down for about 15 minutes when officer Bolton showed up spitting on the ground in front of me, being Extremely rude. They accused me of knowing the guy because I looked at him when i walked by and we made eye contact. Does that make sense? First of all, does everyone who walks buy someone being arrested or detained automatically know them? Second, If you thought i knew him then why didn?t you ask me that when we first made contact, and why did you let me go? After me not talking, and them threatening (bluffing) to take me to jail numerous times, even after I still didn?t talk. They let me go, Scott free, telling me to have a nice night, after abusing me like an animal or some criminal. I went to the hospital to find out I had a sprained wrist.

I dont know why cops feel they are some divine soldiers of god, where they can just go around doing what they please. Some may argue I should of just minded my own business in the first place, but after being abused by these cops numerous times I like to LEGALLY get as much documentation as possible, when I can. I didn?t yell out pigs!, I simply Stood at a distance and wanted to take a quick picture. I also don?t know what the guy was detained for.

Why are cops so afraid of a camera?

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