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Monday, December 30, 2013

NYPD Orders "Immediate Surrender" Of Rifles, Even Though They Flaunt Them In Public Every Day

NEW YORK CITY, NY ? An order issued to a New York City resident to ?immediately surrender your rifle? is reminding the country once again how onerous the city?s gun control laws are and what a police state looks like.

Dated November 18th, 2013, the document from ?NYPD Rifle & Shotgun? cites that the unidentified resident possesses three .22 caliber rifles and must immediately surrender his property to the police or else provide notarized proof that they have been? removed from the city.

The document reads:

NYPD?s gun confiscation notice. (Truth About Guns)

Notice the absurd steps that the resident must take to prove his compliance.? Should he choose to not forfeit his property to the government, he must permanently remove it from the city and provide three forms of proof that it has been removed; a city report form, a notarized (!) statement of where the firearms will be kept, and even a utility bill or proof of residency detailing where the guns will be stored.

Obviously, privacy and property rights are heavily eroded for citizens of New York; which suffers from some of the most restrictive laws in the country.? Its difficult to imagine why citizens who appreciate their rights would continue to live there.? The document failed to mention a fourth option: flee from New York with your property and don?t look back.

The order cites? NYC Administrative Code 10-306 (b) as justification for violating the gun owner?s rights.? It reads:

b. No person may possess an ammunition feeding device which is designed for use in a rifle or shotgun and which is capable of holding more than five rounds of rifle or shotgun ammunition, unless such person is exempt from subdivision a of section 10-303.1 pursuant to section 10-305, provided that a dealer in rifles and shotguns may possess such ammunition feeding devices for the purpose of disposition authorized pursuant to subdivision a of this section.
The law is so restrictive that it is being used not only to confiscate guns with external magazines, but also guns with built-in tubes and internal feeding devices, as was the case for the rifles listed in this document.?? Tube-fed rifles are very slow and clumsy to reload.? Yet not even one of these common bolt-action 22LR rifles ? commonly used for hunting small varmints ? can pass muster for the control freaks in New York City.? The lack of legal options for self-defense leaves law-abiding citizens crippled and dependent upon the government for protection.

As you might have guessed, there are some exemptions to the law?

A New York City ESU agent. (Source: Tony Shi | Flickr)

Police officers are not only legally capable of carrying otherwise-banned firearms, they are purposely assigned to flaunt them conspicuously all over the city.? New York City is littered with rifle-toting agents, carrying all the ammunition capacity they can handle.

This is pointed out only to illustrate the hypocrisy of the the law and those who enforce it.? Like any police state, the elites have made themselves immune from the crippling restrictions that they are imposing on the taxpayers. The government affords itself with all of the best, modern tools that money can buy, while the rest of New Yorkers are left to wander through a web of cumbersome legal barriers and nonsensical restrictions.

A free society would not tolerate such legal disparities.?? All citizens ? with or without a badge ? should be left to maintain a full spectrum of individual rights.? The idea of a ?permitted? class of people with extra rights is offensive.

Since 2001, the laws in New York have only gotten more draconian, government intrusiveness has increased in every way, and the disparity between the legal abilities of cops and regular citizens has widened.

The current generation of New Yorkers is growing up immersed in statist culture, disarmed, constantly searched, and surrounded by paramilitary troopers.? A combination of ?Stop and Frisk? police tactics and pervasive checkpoints on the streets, subways, and airports makes people conditioned to being searched anytime for no reason.

Thus, New Yorkers often don?t even realize that there is a problem.? They may never have had the opportunity to? experience a freer society where their rights are not being infringed daily as a matter of policy.? The constant searches, legal double-standards, and masked rifle-toting sentries feels like the norm to them.

Such perversions of civil rights and dubious cultural conditioning have been key steps in making the New York police state a reality.
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why are they making robots?We already have to many on all sides.look at the picture .see the robot. All I see is another cop who " fears for his life " , hence all the hardware , we (Ireland) don't have an armed police force & get by just fine , they earn & get our respect for the work they do . When we NEED armed cops we have specially trained & licenced officers . NOT swat teams !
Also officers are not so willing to try using bullyboy tactics because they ain't packin heat :-) @irishpete, you can't reasonably "reason" with the commi's. government is in the process of "weeding out the weaklings" and noncompliant. (remember, their god wants sheep?)

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