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Sunday, August 28, 2011

'UFO' incidents at US nuclear missile facilities

How concerned should we be about incidents involving "UFOs" at nuclear weapons bases, including incidents in which nuclear missiles were disabled, incidents in which a live launch sequence was started, in the US, Russia, Britain, and elsewhere?

Patrick McDonough, USAF Nuclear Missile Site Geodetic Surveyor:

Charles Halt, USAF Colonel
(Deputy Base Commander at the Rendlesham Forest nuclear weapons facility in Britain)

Bruce Fenstermacher, Combat Crew Commander, USAF Captain
(FE Warren AF Base, 400 SMS, 1974-76)

Robert Jamison, USAF Nuclear Missile Targetting Officer

Capt. Robert Salas, USAF / Pentagon

US Press Association Conference, Q&A

It may be worth noting that, if the origin of these objects is extraterrestrial, the circumstances demonstrate a profound understanding and intimate knowledge of mankind and our technology.


Did UFO cause power failure at nuclear missile base? Missile technicians claim sightings coincided with October outage
- 50 nuclear weapons lost touch with control centre
- Blackout lasted almost an hour says Air Force
- President Obama told of power supply interruption
(Daily Mail / CNN)

"The Insider" mailing list article, 06 August 2011.

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