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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Drunk Cop Says He's 'The Authority,' Shoots Young Man In The Face [Video]

Chris | InformationLiberation

In this video out of Paraguay, an off-duty drunk police officer is seen murdering a young man in cold blood. Witnesses said the cop was shooting his gun off and said he "was the authority" before entering this liquor store and shooting the young man. The video shows the cop aim his gun at people off camera, two young men are seen cowering back in fear, then the officer pushes another young man back, the man doesn't show much fear or give into his intimidation and sits still with his hands resting in his pockets, the officer then raises his gun at him and shoots him in the face, killing him on the spot.

From LiveLeak:

A veterinary student was killed just under two weeks ago in Coronel Oviedo. The victim was identified as Atilio Recalde, Third Year student. The alleged perpetrator of the homicide is Officer Ramon Gamarra (28), who is still at bay.

Atilio Fil?rtiga Recalde (21) was shot dead in the head at 1:30 am on September 25.

The killing was recorded on the sidewalk of liguer store, which is located in the center of Coronel Oviedo. The alleged perpetrator is a police officer.

As mentioned, the victim was identified as Atilio Fil?rtiga Recalde, who lived in company Pe Island of Coronel Oviedo. And the alleged killer is Bernal Ramon Gamarra, police officer, a native of Caaraya? and serving in the police station in Potrero Guayaki, Caaguaz? district.

According to the data, the officer who was in civilian clothes and was having drinks in the enclosure when Recalde came on a motorcycle and in the company of another person.

The Lourdes Soto district attorney is investigating the case and said that according to the findings, there was no discussion between the murderer and his victim. The victim died on the spot, yet was still transferred to the regional hospital where he was pronounced dead. Witnesses said the officer was firing in the air earlier while intoxicated because he "was the authority".

The crime occurred in Bodega Bohemia, located on Avenida Mariscal Estigarribia. In this same place about four years ago and there was a crime and the alleged perpetrator at that time was also a police officer.


[The murder takes place exactly at the 30 second mark]

[If anyone can translate what's said in the video please post it in the comments below]

Pictured: Bernal Ramon Gamarra, alleged murderer of Atilio Recalde Fil?rtiga

La Nacion reports the officer is still a fugitive. The police response to the murder was to say they need to perform more advanced psychological tests on future recruits. Let me recommend a full proof psych test you can give to future recruits.

"Do you want to be a police officer and 'enforce the law?'"

If you answer yes, you fail. No decent human being wants to rule over others.

Update: The officer was finally caught, he's facing 30 years in prison.

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Imagine if the bystanders all pulled guns on the cop. Of course, the cop knew that would never happen, which is exactly why he did what he did.

Kings love unarmed peasants!

I was thinking the same thing. No doubt he'd be called a "cop killer" and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the whatever the thugs in power arbitrarily deem "the law."

It seems clear to me from the video Atilio not giving into his intimidation is what caused the cowardly subhuman to shoot him in the face, just so he could show how "powerful" he is.

A baboon can pull a trigger you pathetic piece of subhuman trash. I'm so sickened by this, this is the exact type of person who becomes a cop. I'm reminded of the video out of Tuscon, Arizona recently where a cowardly subhuman pulled his gun and pointed it at a store clerk to make himself feel powerful:

How pathetic do you have to be to get off on such a thing? I'm reminded as well of the cop out of Canada who shoved a crippled woman with cerebral palsy to the ground because she timidly tried to squeeze between him and his fellow boys in blue who were taking up an entire sidewalk:

These are the subhuman predators who rule over us, these are the types of people attracted to such a job, yet the general public genuinely believes these are the good guys and they "respect the uniform."

All people are different, and accidents do and will happen. What matters is how the state reacts to the accident. From this angle, this story shows no problem in Paraguay - they don't try to pretend that the murder was justified. While in the US the most likely outcome would be yet another "internal investigation found that the officer acted properly because he was afraid for his life". "no decent human wants to rule over others" Yes, this is the truth beyond truth. If a human wishes to control others, they are wrong, wrong, wrong and should never be in charge on anything, ever until they can rectify this desire within them. So who is gonna stop the anarchy that is sure to follow with all these cops gone?

Or are your brains not intelligent enough to realize someone has to do the job of enforcing the law or everything goes to shit.

Unless riots, rape, murder without recourse wet your panties.

You mean what will happen if we leave massa's plantation? Anarchy is freedom, the word itself means no rulers, monarchy one ruler, oligarchy a few of of them, it's a positive term. It's not lawless chaos as you've been told by massa. Lawless chaos where criminal gangs run everything is what we have now, they call themselves governments, they rape, pillage, wage war, and murder without recourse, and they wear costumes so the rubes they rule over think they're legitimate.

?If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind??
? Fr?d?ric Bastiat, The Law

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