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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cops Shoot Texas Homeowner Dead After He Kills Intruder

A career criminal broke into a neglected-looking Far East Dallas home Thursday night thinking the homeowner had died and his belongings were there for the taking, police said.

But the homeowner, William Keith Hall, wasn?t dead after all. He shot the burglar, Jerry Wayne Hale, then stood over him in an alley with a gun in hand, police said. Hall told Hale, 30, that he wanted to shoot him again.

When police arrived, Hall pointed the 9 mm pistol ? which had stopped working ? at them and witnesses. Officers ordered Hall to drop his weapon and when he refused, they fatally shot the 57-year-old man.

Maj. Jeff Cotner of the crimes against persons division said Friday that responding officers didn?t realize in all the chaos that Hall was defending his home in the 10300 block of Sandra Lynn Drive.

But Cotner said Hall ?had plenty of opportunities to de-escalate? the situation.

?He was given plenty of notice, and he didn?t choose a path other than to confront officers,? Cotner said.

Police received a 911 call around 7:45 p.m. Thursday from a contractor working on a nearby house. The caller told police about the shooting and said that when witnesses got near Hall, he pointed a gun at them and ?tried to shoot? them. Cotner said Hall repeatedly tried to manipulate the gun?s jammed slide to fire it again, but to no avail.

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Such a misleading headline - shame on you. Cops were in the right for a change. yeah right, i am sure the cops tell accurate stories after they kill the witness. cops will always cover their tracks in the most cowardly fashion. not a chance i believe their side of this. I had to read and re-read that a few times to make sure I was getting the story straight. Finally I just went to the article source.

Strange story with no winners, and I'm not sure what informationliberation is trying to 'prove' or demonstrate with this particular story.

It's not like he was some civic-minded patriot homeowner who was in his right mind. ...

"Humphrey (witness) also told Hall that police were on the way. The contractor told Channel 8 that Hall replied, ?Good, I?ll shoot them, too.?"

In Texas they should just abolish the police. Most people in
Texas are self sufficient. Again in this story police are liars of course the police can say whatever they want and find witnesses to lie for them doesn't matter at the end they killed their victim. I hate police abuse with a passion, and there is MORE than enough, way more, that is sickening and bad, but I gotta agree with 8199, THIS instance, from the information, was not abuse. They didn't have a lot of choice and if the victims actions are described correctly, it's unfortunate but not in the same league as the other abuses documented here all the time. 97119, you've gone too far then. If you don't believe ANYTHING no matter what is reported, you are as bad as those idiots that when confronted with real police abuse (which is abundant) always chime in "I'm sure there is MORE to the story than this, they don't just taze/shoot/beat a man for no reason you know"

This is every bit as bad, not constructive, and pretty lame actually. Your comment is meaningless at that point. It would be another thing to say "it sounds legit this time, from what is reported, but this might not be all the evidence" but not a

The headline is from Fox News and it is factually correct. Oh sure, but misleading.

How about: "Police Kill Disturbed Man"

That seems factually correct as well. I suppose a nitpicker could charge that it makes the man sound like the agressor.

Hmmm. How about:

"Disturbed Man Dies Defending Self from Police"
"Police Shoot Killer"
"Man Defends Self, Killed by Police"

They're all factually accurate, aren't they?

"Cops Shoot Texas Homeowner Dead After He Kills Intruder"

Oh, wait that's the actual title. Hmmmm.....

See, all those titles I made up, and the real one as well, comprise examples of what is called "slant". The title tells you what to expect, and based on the actual title, what you expect is that the brute police killed a poor innocent homeowner, who was merely defending himself.

How about this:

"Police Forced to Kill Man Who Became Disturbed After Killing Intruder"

That probably would lead you to expect something more like what the real story seems to be.

@20138 It is extreme to say that I do not believe anything at all that is reported. But it is not extreme to say that I do not believe any story the way that they report it. They are masters at weaving the truth with lies. I will always question every story this regime pumps out. If that is just too much for you then, oh well, that is how I function.

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