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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Second Video Surfaces Of Boston Police Ordering Families Out Of Their Homes At Gunpoint

Chris | InformationLiberation

If you had any questions whether the first video showing police ripping a family from their home and treating them like terrorists was unique or par for the course, this video should assuage all doubts.

This videos shows definitively Boston police did in fact order families out of their homes at gunpoint and has interviews with the victims, which include families with small children.

While the victims describe being "terrified," many of them wrongheadedly believe it was being done for their own good and supported the police's actions in retrospective.

Of course, it wouldn't matter if they were against the polices' rights violations as it wasn't up to them whether their home was raided, they were subjects of the state and nothing more.

It should be noted none of this police state pageantry did anything to help find the suspects, it was tips from private citizens which led police to the suspected killers.
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Hey thuggish brutes! DO NOT TRY THIS IN ANY INDIANA CITY! You will get your heads BLOWN OFF! Out here we value our constitution and we have the right to shoot you if you act like terrorist thugs! The last week has provided a multitude of revelations about our government and the people of this country. The billions ?invested? in our police state, along with warnings from a foreign government, and suspicious travel patterns were not enough for our beloved protectors to stop the Boston Marathon bombing.
After stumbling upon these amateur terrorists by accident, the 2nd responders, with their Iraq war level firepower, managed to slaughter one of the perpetrators, but somehow allowed a wounded teenager to escape on foot and elude 10,000 donut-eaters for almost 24 hours.
That's assuming this wasn't a government "false-flag" to begin with.
This horde of heavily armed, testosterone fueled thugs proceeded to bully and intimidate the citizens of Watertown by illegal searches of homes and treating innocent people like criminals.
The government completely shut down the 10th largest metropolitan area in the country for an entire day looking for a wounded 19 year old
Meanwhile, the people of Boston obeyed their zoo keepers and obediently cowered in their cages.
The entire episode was an epic fail. The gang that couldn?t shoot straight needed an old man to find the bomber in his backyard boat. @6655 " The entire episode was an epic fail. "

Apparently not, if citizens are happy, feel safe, appreciate the effort, and nobody even thought about asking for a warrant, much less worried about police thug putting hands on their child. While some marginalized conspiracy theorists here and there cry about the police state, in the true democracy it's the majority that rules, and from the facial expressions of that majority, it does not look like they were really scared or pissed off - I guess they were happy to find themselves in the center of yet another "reality show" they watched on TV, and, frankly, without any real risk. So, I guess, they wouldn't mind the next episode..

"The government completely shut down the 10th largest metropolitan area in the country...." - David J. Blockowicz

So, while all Napoleon's dogs were rounding up the animals on the farm, what were the pigs actually up to?

In the video, people kept saying that the police were "doing their job." That's unconscious programming. Raiding innocent people's homes, is NOT their job, though now we'll have lots of brainwashed sheep, believing that's what police are supposed to do.

"From [the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations'] work, an evil thesis emerged: Through the use of terror, man can be reduced to a childlike and submissive state, in which his powers of reason are clouded, and in which his emotional response to various situations and stimuli can become predictable, or in Tavistockian terms, ?profitable.?

By controlling the levels of anxiety, it is possible to induce a similar state in large groups of people, whose behavior can then be controlled and manipulated by the oligarchical forces for whom Tavistock worked."

-- L. Wolfe, ?Brainwashing: How The British Use The Media for Mass Psychological Warfare?. The American Almanac, May 5, 1997.

it was just a drill seeing how things are going to when the S.H.T.F everybody needs to wake up STOP BEING SHEEPLE CAUSE THEY WILL BE KICKIN YOUR DOORS SOONER THAN WE THINK AND IT WONT BE A DRILL NEXT TIME PEACE OUT @75145

That's the most ridiculous thing ever. I don't care how many Americans are okay with being asked to leave your house at gunpoint, just because the majority of Americans think it's okay doesn't make it okay. It infuriates me that these people in the video keep saying "they were just doing their job." THAT'S NOT THEIR JOB! We are supposed to be protected from unwarranted search and seizure or have you never heard of the Constitution?

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