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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Man Charged With Disorderly Conduct For Telling Cop to 'Go F**k Himself'

Chris | InformationLiberation

A Gonzales, Texas police officer arrested Peaceful Streets Project activist Antonio Buehler (who was featured on our site last week in one of the most epic police confrontations of all time), for exercising his free speech rights and telling the cop, who was intent on harassing him and even laid his hands on him, to go f**k himself.

The cop threw a fit after he dared to curse him and decided to falsely charge him with the catch-all charge of "disorderly conduct," despite from the video it being entirely clear he arrested him solely for cursing, which is not a crime.

There is no basis for these charges as cursing an officer has been ruled repeatedly to be free speech, hopefully Buehler can sue the officer and win a small settlement.

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Remarkably, none of the coward friends dare to really support Antonio and repeat the f-word towards the cop - when they really should _all_ have chanted it at him. One of them even actually starts saying it, at 1:06, but quickly cuts off himself, and in all his further exclamations sounds very angry, while carefully "staying on the legal ground". Pathetic. ...I recall, I think it was in one of the episodes of "24" - the feds come to do a search in some law office; while they are searching, all the lawyers in the office are chanting uin unison "f@#k you, f@#k you, f@#k you". It appears, they have more courage than folks in this video.

If the cop saw such an opposition, he would have to arrest all of them, perhaps after calling for support which would come with the supervisor. Quite likely, that's where it would end, and for Antonio as well.

hey cops go fuck yourselves!I'm not hard to find you are all assholes at best.It is very rare for one of you to do the right thing. Contempt of cop. Enough said.
Do these people have JOBS?
Blithering idiots.
We've got massive problems in this country and these clowns want to go around harassing policemen and attempting to intimidate a small-town municipal court judge with their "Occupy" antics. @Dave Mundy, the massive problems stem from the corruption, which is directly related to the population being unable to stand up for their rights and confront their abusers even in small towns and small encounters. @ Anon 75145
The massive problem stems from uneducated people like you. You claim ?free speech? but I saw nothing but hate speech for no reason at all.
Antonio broke the law before he decided to verbally attack this officer. That is why he was attending city court.
GET A JOB and quit acting like a moron just to get attention. Antonio needs more hugs.
This guy needs a better hobby and all of you supporting this person need jobs.
And alas, there was a CHILD witnessing this?
Dave Mundy
"Most folks figure me as a libertarian. I think less government is better, and that we tend to over-legislate and over-regulate a lot of things we really shouldn?t.
But there?s a limit to my faith in the good nature of my fellow humans.
By their very nature, all man-made laws limit our personal freedom. No man-made law is completely fair to everyone. But there?s a reason we have those laws ? to prevent others? selfishness and irresponsibility from harming the rest of society.
There are some folks, however, who hate laws. All laws. And anyone who tries to help maintain those laws.
They like to talk a lot about ?rights,? but seldom do I hear them talk about the responsibilities inherent in exercising those rights, and the respect for others incumbent in exercising those responsibilities.
The little fracas at Gonzales Municipal Court last Wednesday by an ill-named anarchist group which calls itself the ?Peaceful Streets Project? was as silly as you might expect.
A local man facing a very simple citation showed up at court with a band of anarchists in tow, and they proceeded to attempt to intimidate the court in typical mob-rule fashion. I won?t go into the specifics of the case because the local man asked for ? and received? a jury trial which will be conducted at a later date.
The intimidation tactics were led and orchestrated by one Antonio Buehler of Austin. Young Mr. Buehler was at one time a respectable citizen ? an Army officer, then an aspiring investment banker who decided it?s more fun and profitable to run around harassing police officers.
When Buehler attempted to tape court proceedings Wednesday, judge Deidra Voigt rightly ordered his phone confiscated. She returned the phone to him after proceedings were finished, telling him that her justification was that municipal court is not a court of record and that juveniles were present. She then ordered that he expunge the video from the phone, which he did, and she ordered that he not use technology to recall the deleted footage or face a contempt of court citation. She also ordered that his friends post no footage from anything surrounding Wednesday?s proceedings on the internet.
Buehler and his group went home to Austin and posted a video of Buehler?s ?arrest? on their Facebook page. Apparently getting arrested is a status symbol for them.
You?ll recall the name from a New Year?s incident in 2012 in Austin. Buehler attempted to interfere with policemen making an arrest of a woman suspected of being intoxicated. An officer ordered him to stop videotaping the incident and it was alleged Buehler spit in the officer?s face.
He has since been arrested several other times for attempting to interfere with police duties, as have several other members of his group.
To listen to Buehler and his crew, you?d think that law enforcement exists solely to trample a freedom-loving citizenry. In their view, pretty much any action by a law-enforcement official constitutes ?abuse.?
Buehler is alleged to have directed a rather explicit vulgarity at one of the Gonzales police officers present Wednesday, and others of his group were later heard outside City Hall directing similar verbiage at not only the police, but also city staffers. They were ordered off city property and given a verbal no-tresspass warning.
The anarchists claim they have a ?right? to say anything they want at any time to anyone. Under the First Amendment, they?re right. But you also have a responsibility to refrain from use of that language in certain situations.
Buehler and his anarchists might can get away with cursing at policemen, who by necessity have to exercise a lot more self-control than the rest of us. But I daresay they probably don?t want to exercise their right to ?free speech? in the face of those of us who aren?t really concerned with their rights, especially when they?re doing it in front of our wives and small children.
Most of us recognize that close relationship between ?rights? and the responsibilities inherent in being members of a lawful society. Without laws, and people to ensure they are enforced, society would devolve into chaos, thence into tyranny.
What irks me is that many members of this bunch are smart people who, if they directed their intelligence and passion in constructive directions, could probably accomplish a lot.
Instead, they choose to spend their time demanding that society accomodate their selfishness, greed and disrespect for others." Typical pig. Welkom to the USSA! There is no such thing as "hate speech". there is no such thing as a "verbal attack". The douche-bags that espouse this nonsensical rhetoric are at best, asshats and at worst, degenerate scumbag authoritarians. The Bill of Rights is dead. The fascist commie fucks in the government want no part of liberty. Anyone who enforces this idiocy should be tried for treason and hung. Any person that defends this excrement should be exiled to a country more befitting their perspective i.e. China, Russia, Cuba.

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