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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Texas Cop Drags 77-Yr-Old Grandmother from Car for Refusing to ID

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Chris | InformationLiberation

"Let's be clear: You are a worthless pleb citizen whose prime directive in life is to unquestioningly obey and pay your criminal overlords as we rob you."

That's what this Texas cop would have said if he could articulate his views beyond grunts and violence.


A local Texas police department is standing by an officer who dragged a 77-year-old grandmother out of her car for speeding after she repeatedly refused to provide her driver's license.

The entire arrest was caught on video by the Keene Police Department.

The woman, Lynn Bedford, of nearby Cleburne, was stopped on Aug. 19 for driving 66 mph in a 50-mph zone.

Bedford told Sgt. Gene Geheb that she had a bladder infection and had to go to the bathroom, but the situation quickly escalated when the officer asked several times for her identification and she refused.

[...]"This incident has been reviewed thoroughly by the Keene Police Department and the City of Keene Administration," Alberti said in a written statement. "All parties have concluded that Sgt. Geheb did not violate any state laws or department policies, and in fact was following department policy in regards to violators not providing identification."

Don't dare say this cop is a bad apple, the majority of police in this country act as this crook does, and their police chiefs defend them. Disband this criminal gang immediately.
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While. Opinion about the 77yr old grandmother she should have been more in compliance especially when she knew she was driving over speed limit and then didn't have her proof of address right license which is another violation if she was black Spanish are younger she wouldn't probably have serviced without worst injury or death jesus by anyone who resist oficer of the law order especially when u in the wrong will be treated as suspension so before you breaking laws make sure you have appropriate information and ID jesus. Spoken like a true government 'educated' slave.

Speed limits are nothing more than a revenue extraction and extortion scheme, it's been shown repeatedly higher speed limits, and lower speed limits, have absolutely no effect on the rate of accidents:

"Lowering speed limits below the 50th percentile does not reduce accidents, but does significantly increase driver violations of the speed limit. Conversely, raising the posted speed limits did not increase speeds or accidents."

- U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, Research, Development, and Technology Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center, 1992

Speed limits are about robbing you blind to pay for the bloated salaries of tax-fattened government functionaries and nothing more.

Before you *obey* the laws you might want to have the appropriate information as to why something is a law. The only reason to give a criminal cop like this any sort of obedience is out of the full and complete awareness he is willing to murder you over a traffic ticket.

The word or phrase "investigated thoroughly" now may be interpreted as "His conduct was of the highest order, and demonstrated extreme bravery in an action that required split second judgement, thank God we have officers such as this, knowing that while we go about our daily lives, these brave men and women who serve, are keeping our dangerous world just a bit safer. Now quit your civilian pussy whining and go back to sleep or buy another ipod. We have work to do! There is no rhyme or reason to ever treat a human or citizen like this. We do have rights, cops just try to act like we don't. Too many abuses from police dept all over the states! OBEY

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